Android is one of our key teams, and as part of which, we take care of all Android and mobile apps. We not only help businesses, including startups, develop professional, high performance mobile applications; we also help in developing PoC (Proof of Concept) applications at low cost as well, quickly.

As mobile platform experts, we bring in indepth knowledge on what works and what doesn't, and what can be done to make a mobile app stand out of the crowd.

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iPhone/iOS & Windows Phone

As mobile platform experts, we also provide iOs and Windows Phone application development services. We have teams with skills in native app (Objective C, C#/Silverlight, C++...) as well as HTML5 based apps.

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HTML5 based apps, including Firefox OS

As part of our HTML5 development services, we also provide services and consulting for developing Firefox, Firefox OS, Chrome, Meego, Tizen, Linux, OS X and Windows cross platform apps.

Cloud & Cloud platform applications

Our expert Cloud teams are skilled to provide (end-to-end) development, maintaince and testing services on cloud platforms (PaaS and/or IaaS) such as Google App Engine, Heroku, OpenShift, AWS, Azure, RackSpace and openstack/cloudstack. We provide the services using technologies such as Node.js, PHP, Java/J2EE, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Azure, Firebase, Codeigniter, Django, AngularJS and lots more...

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Desktop Applications & Tools

Our application development team with expert skills in languages and technologies such as C, C++, Java, Python, Scripting, and the like provides us the leverage to offer Desktop Applications & Tools development services. We have expertise in Operating systems, including Windows, Linux and OS X (Mac).

Since we have experts who have also contributed to various open source projects, we are able to provide services both in closed source as well as open source projects and environments.

We provide both onsite or offshore team lease services as well as end-to-end application development services.

Device Drivers and Kernel modules

One of our niche expertise is in the system programming segment. We handle device driver requirement for Linux (Android and related OSes as well), Windows and custom OSes (like RTOS, or bare bone boards). We can develop drivers for Intel/AMD as well as for ARM (& related CPUs).

Contact us if you would want Android (or any other OS) to be ported to custom platforms as well...