neoUpdate is an Entreprise application management portal (specifically for mobile applications). neoUpdate solves the different problems that exists for managing Entreprise applications. Some of the features are:

One of the key verticals of Neophyte is As part of which, we develop quite some products for the mobile platform, some of which are:

markBlue is a Bluetooth proximity marketing solution. It has both hardware and software components, but the software itself can be customized to other specific hardware platforms with ease. markBlue uses the multi-threaded non-blocking architecture, which not only makes sure it uses multiple cores (if it exists) to improve performance but also runs smoothly on single core processors.

Some important features:
  • Supports multiple Bluetooth radios
  • Supports simultaneous communication with multiple devices
  • Configurable scans for each radios: Dedicated scan only, dedicated transmission only or mixed
  • Logging Bluetooth transfers

Tool to display information in public places on displays such as (LCD, LED, Projector, etc).
InfoProjector is a cross platform (Linux & Windows) Qt based application and can be easily ported to other Operating Systems like MAC.

Some of its features include:

  • Multiple details (Information)
  • Videos (and/or Video Advertisments)
  • Images (and/or Advertisments)
  • Configure the time interval
  • Customized software for your organization

neoWeb is a super fast, low resource consumption tiny Content Management System (CMS). It has been designed to run on servers running on ARM processors consuming low power.

Some of its features, include:

  • Semi-Automatic menu generation: Gives the flexibility of control and automation
  • Easily customizable template for look and feel
  • Light weight
  • Uses very minimal jQuery - mostly for animations: Can be easily removed for very light weight websites.
  • Can be run on minimal SME server hardware: Low total cost of ownership and maintanence

We work on the facebook platform to create engaging Facebook Applications. For demonstrating (and not necessarily market it) our technical capabilities we create facebook application.

Some of these are:

  • qInvite: Create personalized invitations and send PDF invites to events.
  • Sooo Sweet Crush connector fun app